When time flies… or you do (May 2018)

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So much time has passed that I am almost unaware of how long it has been since I wrote.

We have been battered and bruised, torn apart and recklessly held back together, and in total rather mystified at the rate at which the world appears to have moved while we have been air borne.

What was supposed to be a simple journey across the sub-continent to take possession of some of the finest Assam and Darjeeling resulted in a terrible state of affairs that only now am I beginning to fully comprehend.

My dear friends – I have been grounded for nigh on a season. Grounded as my beloved airship needs such deep repairs that I have called for Master Smith to take care of them – and as we know, he only travels overland.

And somehow, we have ended up in Burma. Miles and miles from our chosen and carefully deliberated destination. And so many more months of travel for Master Smith!

Fear not, however. My time has not been wasted. I have actively made use of the hours on the ground and have made the most astonishing discovery. There are teas here too! Not precisely the tea we know and love (and my own supplies of that particular worthy are declining at a rapid rate!) but teas none the less.

I cannot wait to share them with you.

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