Wyverstone Tea retail outlet opens.

Today marks the opening of my first retail establishment.


Thanks to the generosity of a friend and coffee connoisseur I have tea available to purchase in store in Aldinga, South Australia. (Unit 3, 173 Port Road, Aldinga in the Eco-village)

Fleurieu Roast is responsible for supplying the district with freshly-roasted coffee beans, sourced from all over the globe and roasted on site.

The proprietor has loaned me some display space and today we stocked up with four fine teas and two carefully blended tisanes.

A number of customers and passers-by were delighted with the tisanes including the delicious ‘Lemon Butterfly’ with it’s outstanding blue shade. (More about the Lemon Butterfly coming soon!)

We will be selling our teas and tisanes online via this blog very soon.

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